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12 Steps to Positive Guidance

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Parenting preschoolers is HARD! They are learning SO MUCH, inputting so much into their little beings and they have REALLY BIG EMOTIONS!  
Parents nowadays have MORE pressures than ever before, balancing parenting, careers, work, side hustles, home life, sports, siblings... any and all of these things.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and either give in to undesirable behaviour or engage in power struggles.
I get it - as a mother of 4, I have been there!

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Hi! I’m Carin Smolinski, preschool owner, early childhood educator, children's author & mom to four kiddos!

So many families found themselves stuck at home during the pandemic, which also brought on the childcare crisis.


So, you’ve tried to figure out how to make at-home education a valuable and enriching experience. Not to mention, more nannies at home that need support and guidance.


No matter your situation, it can be tough to not let the frustrations get the best of you.


These 12 steps, broken down into 12 short videos, will give you the tips you need for positive parenting or caregiver solutions and how to give them in a clear, calm, and consistent manner.

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12 Steps to Positive Guidance!

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What is positive parenting?

The United Nations on the Rights of a Child recognizes positive parenting as a form of discipline that respects children’s best interests and rights (3).

In this, they outline guiding principles for discipline including:

  1. Identifying goals for raising children.

  2. Providing warmth and structure.

  3. Understanding how children think and feel.

  4. Promoting problem-solving (4).

Some of the benefits of positive parenting are:

  • A stronger parent/ child relationship. The parent shows and models respect to the child while expecting respect in return.

  • Greater trust. Specifically, the child trusts the parent won’t use power to force the child – unless absolutely necessary. Necessity includes threats to safety and wellbeing.

  • Better lifelong outcomes. Children who are parented with authoritative parenting are less likely to have mood disorders such as depression and anxiety (5).

  • Higher internalized morals. Children who are expected to unquestionably obey their parents’ orders are less likely to demonstrate high moral reasoning.

  • A greater opportunity to become leaders. When strong-willed children are coached rather than forced to obey, they have a better opportunity to grow into the natural leaders that they are.


12 Steps to Positive Guidance!