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Teaching your kids from home (on top of work and family duties)?
Do you want your nanny or caregiver to contribute to their learning experience?
If this is all new to you, I know how hard it is to keep your little ones engaged, let alone engaged long enough for you to take the break you need and deserve!

I want to help you give your child the best pre-kindergarten education possible, while keeping yourself and your family thriving!

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Whatever your situation, ABC Virtual Preschool will provide them with the intellectual stimulation that an in-person preschool would provide, while giving them the 1:1 nurturing that you know is so valuable to their learning.

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Our reliable, research-based curriculum allows you to use materials from around the house! We are a printer-free program and believe meaningful learning comes from hands-on, interactive experiences.
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What Do Parents Have To Say?

“During last year’s state of emergency in Japan, ABC set up the initiative of online Pre-School learning.
Our then two year old loved the virtual interaction she had with her teachers.
Whilst not the easiest time due to the early stages of the pandemic, the virtual classes made for a happier time with our toddler, and I highly recommend the experience.” 
Alex Penrose - ABC Parent and Pilot


Carin Smolinski!

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I understand that you are at home during the pandemic due to the childcare crisis, trying to figure out how to make at-home education a valuable and enriching experience. Not to mention, more nannies at home that need support and guidance.
With this 7-Day Free Trial, you will have full access to the virtual curriculum so you can give it a try for an entire week before committing to the monthly membership! 
My hope is that this alleviates some of the stress around at-home teaching, enriches your preschoolers education, and allows you the break you need in your day to get things done, too!
Plus, you can skip the late nights scouring Pinterest or spending too much money on printer ink!
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Sign up for your 7-day trial TODAY and if you join the full membership after Day 7, you’ll be locked into the founding member's rate for LIFE!