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Suggested Daily Homeschool Schedule

Routine and consistency support children’s sense of stability, belonging, emotional wellbeing and promotes academic retention. This is why we suggest that you treat the ABC Virtual Preschool program as if you were running a home preschool and follow our suggested flow of the day. In no time, children will anticipate what comes next during their online preschool day.


That said, as a Mom myself, who at one point had 4 children homeschooling during the pandemic, I know that flexibility matters, deep play matters, going at your pace without stressing matters.  Because of this, our online preschool program has a suggested flow of the day, feel free to change it to suit YOUR NEEDS and YOUR SCHEDULE! 


That is why all our teacher-led video activities are pre-recorded and on-demand to fit into YOUR schedule.  The video can be played all at once, or broken up into segments in the day. Whatever works best for YOUR FAMILY.  Sometimes, it is just more important to stay cuddled up under the covers reading together than jumping out of bed!

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