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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start anytime?

Yes! As soon as you subscribe, you will have access to Week 1 curriculum and Day 1 teacher recording. There are 12 months of content to unlock as your child progresses through their at home preschool program. We can't wait to start teaching your child!

Is my device supported?

You can play the teacher recordings on any device including your phone. We do recomend linking to your tablet, computer screen or T.V.

Do I need anything to start?

We will send you a list of recomended items to have on hand in your preschool basket. We want our students to be participating along with us and experiencing their learning. All recomended items can be substituded for things that you can find around the house, or in nature. A quick trip to the dollar store can round off what you need. Except Creme of tartar.... we love to make playdough so please throw that on your grocery list!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. Once you cancel, you will not be charged your subscription for the next month.

What pedagogy does your curriculum follow?

The “ABC Way” is the result of bringing together the best aspects of a variety of teaching methodologies, philosophies and environments and is creatively unique to ABC International School. We incorporate elements from the best that research has to offer from educational theorists and psychologists like Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey,… and incorporate key aspects from world renowned practices including: The Reggio Emilia approach, the Montessori Method, Rudolph Steiner and Waldorf School Principles, Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, and Play Based learning. Our curriculum has been child approved through hands on testing at our prestigious International School in Tokyo.

What are your guiding principles?

Have a look here:

Who are the teachers?

Our educators are joyful, knowledgeable, early childhood educators and edutainers who bring the magic of ABC alive every day. We value them greatly and support our teachers by providing above industry standard wages and benefits, resources for continued proffesional development, and a supportive family like environment. We VALUE DIVERSITY which is reflected in our multicultural, International faculty. We do not tolerate descrimination or any kind.

Why are educator videos on demand and not live?

When I started to imagineer about how I could bring our ABC curriculum and magic to as many children around the world as possible, I reflected on our live web based preschool classes during shutdown. Teachers feedback was that it was very difficult for the children to focus on the learning activities because they were so interested in what was happening in their friend’s living rooms.

We also witnessed that although the students loved to see their friends initially, it was hard to maintain meaningful friend interaction during a class zoom call.

We hope that you have some children in your bubble that your child can have real life play interactions with. Especially now, nurturing in in person friendships are vital to help children’s social development in a powerful way that does not happen on screen.

We want our program to fit YOUR NEEDS and YOUR SCHEDULE!

Do we have to follow the suggested Daily Schedule?

We know that now more than ever, families are following their own schedules. Especially trying to make working from home feasible, or juggling childcare, every family's schedule and needs are diverse! You get 5 days worth of videos and daily curriculums each week. You can do them mon-fri, or split them up, or whatever works best for you. We do however know that children thrive with routines, so we do suggest that you do things in the same order when you do them to give children a feeling of security and predictabilily. We had some parents that followed our suggested schedule to the minute (because our classes were scheduled and on zoom) and did all the daily activities in the suggested order, and we had some parents that were so relieved to sleep in with their children, stay in their pyjamas, and when it fit their schedule, put on the recordings of the sessions and get a moment of respite for themselves. We had so many parents that told us their children loved to participate in their teacher lessons over and over and over! Both methods are totally OK! Once again, ABC Virtual Preschool is here to take stress OFF your plate, not put more on it!