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Our Mission

Supporting our mission to provide accessible access to quality preschool programming to children and families in need, ABC Virtual Preschool subscriptions are awarded FREE to every orphanage, women’s shelter and children’s hospital in the world.
  Furthermore, 5% of all profits from our online preschool program will be donated to International children’s charities
Organizations requesting free subscription or to apply to receive financial support, please click here. 
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ABC Virtual Preschool is also PROUD to be partnering with Living Heart nonprofit organization.

Living Heart's mission is to promote education, and provide necessities to learning and thriving in this new world.  They are also committed to technological equity and collect and then distribute used phones, tablets, and computers to families in need in order to provide access to education and literacy. Their project in Peru's goal is to provide community libraries and education for children and communities in need.
ABC Virtual Preschool is partnering with Living Hearts to distribute technology loaded with an ABC subscription to be placed in the playrooms of every Children's Hospital In Canada. We are also working towards setting up similar initiatives in remote First Nations Communities.
To learn more about this amazing organization, and if you need technology to enable you to participate in our online preschool, go to 
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